Pura Vida Fighting for Kids

The Foundation

Pura Vida Fighting for kids foundation is based on the need to reach out children at social risk in Jacó, Costa Rica. The accelerated growth of this tourist area has generated urban gaps invaded by drug addiction, prostitution and crime.

This is why the foundation has taken the problem very seriously and decided to work to solve it. Through the sport practiced by its founder, Leonidas Ruaro, the discipline and education of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is being taught as main tools so that these children can fight with their direct environment.

Our Objective

Brazilian jiu-jitsu has served as a fundamental tool to rescue children and adults. Called human chess, it is a sport that is shared worldwide, being the fastest growing sport in the last decade. Based on studies, it has been possible to understand the importance of implementing this sport from an early age in 5 aspects:

Confidence and self-defense

The security generated by sport to know how to defend itself generates direct consequence confidence to avoid many conflicts in an anticipated manner. And in case it can not be avoided, these problems are solved with a lot of calm and wisdom.

Respect and discipline

The type of competition both group and individual well taught by their teacher, become very important as these two characteristics are key to escalate in the sport.


This point is very important. The human being is a being from social circles and what better way to develop a healthy circle where everyone shares respect, health, and discipline.

Physical Condition

As many times we have heard or read: “healthy body: healthy mind”. This is not the exception.


In life you have to do what we like and try to smile as much as possible. Children have found in human chess a way to play, smile and enjoy all kinds

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

The art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

When it comes going the extra mile, Jiu Jitsu does it. It’s well known that sport helps peoples health, but, in this sport we find an activity that challenges our feelings and strengthens us emotionally, physically and mentally. It teaches us to fall and rise. It also gives us a great lesson in humility that definitively changes our lives. It’s a sport that promote social integration.

Benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Size doesn’t matter

There is NO situation in life so small that cannot harm us or so great that we cannot overcome it. This principle is applied in the same way within matts. Jiu jitsu generates a state of mental strength that helps anyone to walk through life.


At the time of a Jiu Jitsu fight, a determined mindset that looks forward and attacks increases the chances of winning against a weak-minded opponent. We also apply these principles in life, moving forward and facing our goals is key to both personal and professional success.

Give and take

This sport has been characterized in recent years by generating social groups considered almost families. It is normal to be received with kindness in schools worldwide, always ready to share and learn. However, if someone has a bad attitude, they will surely be received in that way.


What is Judo?

Judo is a modern Japanese martial art, a system of unarmed combat, and now primarily a sport. Judo is not only a training of body and mind, but also a way of human formation.


The game of Chess ♟

Chess is a strategic-logic game between 2 players, just as Brazilian jiu jitsu. We use chess as a tool to develop strategic thinking, creativity, planning, memory skills.

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We are located in Jacó Walk, Jacó, Costa Rica

Pura Vida Fighting for Kids

We are a NGO focused on helping kids and adolescents in social risk through the practice of different disciplines as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo and Chess. Contact us!


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